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If you are collector or fan of playmobil this is your website, you can also follow us on our Youtube channel and watch our playmobil videos or in our social networks, where we will introduce you to the playmobil news and the new catalogs, unboxing , the best online and physical playmobil stores, games, videos, dioramas, discontinued, sets,
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and where buy the cheapest playmobils online to complete your collection or make a gift.

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A bit of Playmobil history

Since the playmobils were created in 1974, where they were presented to the public for the first time at the Nuremberg exhibition, the Playmobil clicks have been withstanding the passing of the years better than us xD and have accompanied several generations leaving a mark in our childhoods, at least in mine. That’s why we have created this unofficial playmobil website to make known our love for clicks and keep informed both fans and collectors of playmobil news.

Where to Buy Playmobil Online

We have a section where we collect all thestores that sell playmobil in Spain
and give our opinion, we have also created an online store with playmobil products and other fricadas for collectors,t-shirts shelves, books. I hope you like it